Cricket: My love, experience, and success story

Hello Friends! I heartily welcome you. My name is JITENDRA SINHA and I am a blogger and YouTuber. For the past 5 years, I have dedicated my life to the love of cricket along with my traditional studies. In this article, I am going to share my cricket love story, experiences, and struggles to succeed.

My love for cricket:
Since childhood, I have had a deep connection with cricket. My father was a big fan of cricket players and it was because of his inspiration that I too fell in love with the game. I always had a cricket bat and ball in hand at whatever open place I went to play with friends.

Beginning of Blogging and YouTube:
When I was doing graduation, I started getting more knowledge about blogging and YouTube. To fuel my cricket love, I started my own blog and YouTube channel. I started sharing cricket-related news, tips, experiences, and various aspects of the game near me. In the beginning, I only had a few people on my channel, but I grew steadily and over time I had more followership and credibility.

Experience and Excellence:
At the beginning of my blog and YouTube channel, it was difficult to get success. There were challenges of creative conflicts, time constraints, and proving oneself in a competitive market. But I didn’t give up and kept my faith and tried to create high-quality content for my readers and viewers.

I love watching and playing cricket and I know a lot about the information related to cricket, so I give you a piece of accurate reliable information about cricket, in which there are many different formats of cricket in the world. , but there are three main forms – Test cricket, One Day International (ODI), and T20 (T20I). Test cricket is one of the longest and oldest forms of cricket, with each team having two days to five days to complete a match. In One Day Internationals, each team faces around 50 illegal balls in a day. In T20 cricket, a team gets a chance to bat and bowl only within 20 illegal balls. Some of the popular tournaments and series in the game of cricket are the ICC World Cup, Asia Cup, Indian Premier League (IPL), Big Bash, and the Ashes home Test series (between Australia and England). These tournaments and series see tough matches between different countries and are particularly exciting for the spectators. You will get to see all the information here.

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